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2 MM Facet Sphere Cut Green Emerald Stone Natural Stone Necklace - IMRKOL00045

2 MM Facet Sphere Cut Green Emerald Stone Natural Stone Necklace - IMRKOL00045


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Our natural stone necklace model, designed from 2 MM faceted sphere-cut natural emerald stone, has an average length of 48 CM including the apparatus. This stone necklace can be gifted to your loved ones on special occasions such as birth, birthday, mother's day, Valentine's Day. It is a nice accessory option that you can give.

Emerald is one of the 4 most valuable stones in the world. Emerald was believed to bring rain because of its green color. Emerald stone has been used as jewelry for centuries. Emerald mines in ancient Egypt date back to B.C. It dates back to 1650. Emerald has traditionally been considered the birthstone of May. Additionally, in some cultures, emeralds are known as a traditional gift for the 55th wedding anniversary. It is the Stone of Loyalty. Emerald, a type of beryl mineral, is a flawless stone. It is more malleable than other precious stones. It does not shine so much like other stones. Its color is eye-catching and it is a very impressive stone. This green and transparent precious stone is a very valuable jewel. It gives Peace and Happiness. Emerald, which does not have a high power to refract and spread light, does not shine much compared to other precious stones. The finest emeralds, including the crown jewels of England, are exported from Colombia.

Emeralds are formed together with calcite and pyrite in the veins. Pure emeralds are very rare. Emerald crystals usually contain other minerals and small spots.

Emerald, which is transparent with a glass shine, is a very hard mineral. According to the Mohs hardness scale, its hardness is 7.5-8. Emerald can contain many shades of green. The most valuable shade is Grass Green. However, it also gave its name to that color and is called Emerald Green. Although Emeralds in lighter or darker green tones are valuable, they are less valuable than grass green ones. The most valuable Emeralds are mined in Zambia. It is also mined in Colombia, Australia, Brazil, Pakistan, Africa, India, Egypt, Russia and the USA.

Chakra: Solar plexus, Heart, Forehead

Emerald represents Taurus.

Product price : 30.00 USD
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