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7-Piece Chakra Natural Stone Necklace - IMRKL00204

7-Piece Chakra Natural Stone Necklace - IMRKL00204


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The pendant, designed using 7 natural stones with an average length of 4-5 CM, will be sent as a chakra necklace with a chain attached for retail purchases. Since the product is a natural stone, it can be preferred by both men and women.

Chakra means wheel in Sanskrit, it is also called the wheel of fire. The seven basic energy centers in our body, known as chakras, are on or very close to the hormonal glands and large nerve networks and intersect with the spine at certain points. It is known as the "Seven Seals" or "Seven Sacred Glands" in ancient texts. Yoga activates the chakras with asanas and breathing techniques. Opening the chakras and increasing the flow of energy means being healthier. Stones: Amethyst, Labradorite, Lapis, Aventurine, Calcite, Agate, Jasper

Product price : 7.00 USD
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