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8mm Larimar String Natural Stone Beads - DZ0226000069

8mm Larimar String Natural Stone Beads - DZ0226000069


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Our Larimar arrays is 40 CM long and  There are. You can use the product in necklace making, jewelry design, bracelet design, etc. and design jewelry models that both men and women can use.


Larimar ( What are the Benefits of Atlantis Stone?

  • Due to its effect on the throat chakra, it has a positive effect on speech and communication areas. Pyrite stone Supports the treatment of respiratory diseases.
  • It strengthens the immune system. It achieves this by activating the Thymus gland. It helps to heal diseases quickly.
  • It acts on the pituitary gland and ensures the controlled secretion of growth hormone.
  • It balances the thyroid hormones and makes them more functional.
  • It brings luck to the person who carries it and the person finds peace.
  • It is beneficial to use it during meditation. It removes emotional boundaries. Unsolved problems It gives you patience.

Larimar (Atlantis Stone) Imprint

Stone of Physical and Spiritual Purification, Stone of Luck
It can be in shades of White, Sea Blue, Pale Blue, Greenish Blue. The stone can be shiny or silky. Its appearance can be translucent - opaque.
Aquarius affects Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces and Leo signs more.
4.5 – 5
Specific Gravity
3.75 – 4
Chemical Formula
Can be NaCa2Si3O8(OH) or NCa2(HSi3O9). It also contains small amounts of Fe, Cu, Mg, Al, H2O, K.
Chemical Group
Minerals Compound
Countries of Release
Scotland, Dominican Republic, Canada, Sweden, Alaska.
Product price : 36.00 USD
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