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Agate Natural Stone Bracelet - IMRBL00007

Agate Natural Stone Bracelet - IMRBL00007


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With an average length of 20 CM, the agate stone natural stone bracelet has macrame bracelet and can be adjusted according to your wrist. Hematite stone and 8 mm sphere cut agate stones are used in the product. Since the product is a natural stone, it is preferred by both men and women.

Agate Stone Properties

Agate stone is a type of chalcedony. It also has a special importance as a precious stone. In the Middle Ages, “corneal” as "carniol" in the 18th and 19th ages. It was named after. This stone is often found in the rocks of rivers. Its origin is silica, which penetrates volcanic rocks and absorbs iron oxide. Its density and nature reveal the different colors of the agate stone.

The stone can be in different colors, from shades of brown to orange and pink. Also impressive are the varieties that appear reddish black at first glance but turn fiery red when viewed in the light. It has high hardness, shines with a waxy matte finish and is generally translucent.

Since it is a stone with a high hardness rate, it is possible to process it into a solid jewellery. It is generally used in making rings and bracelets. Even some statues are made of agate stone. This stone, which was considered important in funeral ceremonies during the ancient Egyptian period, was called the "life stone" due to its color reminiscent of blood. It was known as. During ancient excavations, it was also found as grave gifts of Egyptian kings.

Red agate stone is the birthstone of people born under the sign of Virgo. People belonging to this zodiac sign are people born between August 23 and September 22.

Chakras:Root, Lower abdomen, Heart

Color:< /strong> In multiple colors; Blue Agate, Red Agate, Green Agate, Mossy Agate, Onyx (black), Fire Agate (Brown), Tree Agate, Barred Agate

Places of Mining: Turkey-Ankara, China , Italy, Madagascar, Mexico, Egypt, Germany, India, Brazil and Uruguay.

Hardness : 6.5 – 7

Specific Gravity : 2.57 – 2.65

It is recommended to clean the crystals before use and at regular intervals. Thus, you can cleanse the energy of the stone. There are four methods to clean the moonstone:

  • Your crystal You can purify it by washing it under running water for about 5 minutes.
  • You can purify your crystal by keeping it in sea water or salt water prepared with sea salt for about 10 minutes.
  • You can purify your crystal by burying it in the ground and letting it sit overnight.
  • You can purify your crystal with the help of incense.
Product price : 2.40 USD
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