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Agate Natural Stone Macrame Bracelet - IMRBL00057

Agate Natural Stone Macrame Bracelet - IMRBL00057


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Agate bracelet designed with macrame braided natural brown broken agate stone, its size can be adjusted according to the wrist. Since the product is a natural stone, both men and women can choose it. It is a nice accessory to give to your loved ones on special occasions such as birthdays, Valentine's Day, Father's Day.


Agate is a very diverse stone that is found in nature in many different colors. It is a stone formed as a result of the combination of quartz mineral with chalcedony. For this reason, we can also call it Chalcedony Quartz… Agate stone has been called many different names over time. Agat or English Agate is one of them. ‘Yemen Stone’ and ‘Immortal Stone’ It is also referred to by the names.

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