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Amethyst Broken Natural Stone Bracelet - IMRBL00015

Amethyst Broken Natural Stone Bracelet - IMRBL00015


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Amethyst natural stone bracelet with a length of 18-19 CM including the average apparatus is designed from natural amorphous broken stone.

Amethyst Stone Features

Amethyst, It is a natural stone that is a source of positive energy, gives happiness and peace with its purple color, and also has a revitalizing effect. Amethyst, one of our favorite stones, has been used since ancient times. The word meaning of amethyst is "non-intoxicating" in mythological sources. and the name of this stone is also mentioned in mythology sources.

Amethyst is a stone loaded with energy. It has many healing and positive effects. This stone has positive, healing effects on most people who use it. It is a crystal that you can always carry on you and is compatible with other stones. It is a negatively charged stone, so it attracts positive energy and transforms the negative energy in the environment into positive energy. (Negative electrical charge and negative energy should not be confused.)

Amethyst has a revitalizing effect. It is a stone compatible with all zodiac signs, but it is considered the symbol of Pisces.

Hardness: 7
Specific Gravity: 2.65< br /> Chemical Formula and Group: SiO² + Al, Ca, Fe, Mg, Li, Na and Oxides
Color: Purple and its shades, transparent, semi-opaque
Places of Mining: Mexico , Siberia, Uruguay, Zambia,  Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia, Argentina, Zambia, Namibia, Africa, Turkey
Chakras: Forehead and Crown
Zodiac sign: Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces



Product price : 1.10 USD
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