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Aquamarine Natural Stone Women's Necklace - Birthstone - IMRKOL00011

Aquamarine Natural Stone Women's Necklace - Birthstone - IMRKOL00011


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Aquamarine stone designed from natural shapeless aquamarine stones The women's necklace is 46-48 CM long, including the extension device. Since the product is a natural stone, each pendant may have slight differences in tone and shape. This stone necklace can be used on birthdays, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day etc.  It is a nice accessory option that you can give to your loved ones on special occasions.

Aquamarine literally means sea water. Aquamarine, the blue-coloured member of the Beryl group, is mined as large and clean crystal pieces. In its processed form, it is used in jewelry and ornaments. Additionally, in its natural crystal form, it has begun to be used for decorative purposes in homes and workplaces. In addition to being decorative, it is a stone with plenty of energy and healing. It is a precious stone and a transparent and silicate type of Beryl. It is light blue or bluish green in color and is very similar to Emerald, which is also a member of the Beryl group. It is often compared to Amazonite stone, but Amazonite stone is more opaque and more greenish blue.

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