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Green Natural Aventurine Stone Bronze Ring - IMRYZ00015

Green Natural Aventurine Stone Bronze Ring - IMRYZ00015


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    Natural stone bronze ring designed using natural green aventurine stone can be adjusted according to the finger. The approximate size of the ring is 3X2 CM. We recommend keeping it away from water and chemicals for tarnishing and long-lasting use. Since the product is a natural stone, there may be small differences in tone and shape between the product you receive and the image.

    Aventurine, also known as Star Stone, is a stone belonging to the quartz group that can be found in blue, orange and green colors. It is generally found in shades of green, and therefore, when aventurine is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is green aventurine. It contains sparkles in the form of particles. It is a stone believed to be emotionally balancing and effective against depression.

    Aventurine, the symbol stone of Cancer, is a stone of luck.   Aventurine is a quartz and its chemical formula for all its colors, regardless of its color, is SiO2. It is mostly mined from India, Brazil and Russia.  It is also found in nature in Green, Orange and Blue colors.

    Aventurine Stone Care and Cleaning

    Cleaning the aventurine stone is like cleaning other quartz stones. The most appropriate way to clean quartz group stones is to bury them in dry soil at regular intervals and leave them for a day. If your stone is porous, you can clean it by soaking it in clean water. It is a soil and water cleaner. Since too many people coming into contact with the stones will cause negative energy accumulation, you should definitely clean the newly purchased stones before using them for the first time. You can also clean your stone with sunlight. Leaving it in sunlight for 30 minutes will clean your stone.

    Product price : 3.00 USD
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