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Howlite Natural Stone Women's Necklace - Birthstone - IMRKOL00014

Howlite Natural Stone Women's Necklace - Birthstone - IMRKOL00014


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Howlite stone women's necklace extension designed from natural shapeless white color howlite stones It is 46-48 CM long including the apparatus. Since the product is a natural stone, each pendant may have slight differences in tone and shape. This stone necklace can be used on birthdays, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day etc.  It is a nice accessory option that you can give to your loved ones on special occasions.

Howlite stone is white and opaque. It can rarely be seen in crystal form, but most of it is opaque. It is a soft and porous stone. Since it is soft, it is less likely to be used in jewelry due to the risk of scratching and breaking easily. Since it is generally good for stress, it is also commonly used for this purpose. Howlite stone is originally a precious stone with black veins on white. In this shape, it resembles marble.

Howlite, which is very soft in terms of hardness, can be easily scratched and damaged with a hard object. According to the Mohs hardness scale, the hardness level is between 2.5-3.5. Howlite stone is compatible with the root chakra and heart chakra. You should be gentle when cleaning it, you can wipe it with a damp cloth. For energy cleansing, you can smoke it or neutralize its energy by placing it next to a salt lamp.

Product price : 2.00 USD
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