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It is recommended to read the User Agreement, which includes the general terms of use of the site and mobile application, the general rules and legal responsibilities related to it and the terms, rules and legal responsibilities specified below, before using ( and İmran Doğal Taş mobile application. If the specified conditions are not suitable for you, please do not use or the mobile application of İmran Doğal Taş. By using the site or mobile application and filling out the form containing your personal information, you are deemed to have accepted the terms written on these pages.

İmran Doğal Taş reserves the right to change, reorganize and stop publication of any services, products, conditions of use available on this site and its extension or mobile application, as well as the information provided on the site or mobile application, without prior notice. Changes come into force on the date of publication on the site or mobile application. İmran Doğal Taş recommends its users to visit the legal warning page every time they enter the site or İmran Doğal Taş's mobile application. These conditions also apply to other linked web pages.

1. Rules of Use and Privacy are open to all members of The services provided on the site and İmran Doğal Taş's mobile application are free of charge, unless stated otherwise. In the following cases, the site management may prevent the member from using the site or mobile application and reserves its legal rights against the person or persons involved in the following attempts:

1 a. Registration of information on the site that contains false, irregular, incomplete and misleading information, statements that do not comply with general moral rules and that is contrary to the laws of the Republic of Turkey,

1.b. Partial or complete copying of the site or İmran Doğal Taş mobile application content without permission,

1.c. The User is directly responsible for any damage that may arise from sharing the information and usage rights given to the Users or determined by them, such as the username and password, with third parties or organizations (the use of this information by persons other than the User). Likewise, the User cannot use someone else's personal information such as IP address, e-mail address, user name on the internet, nor can he access or use the private information of other users without permission. The user is deemed to have accepted all legal and criminal liabilities that may arise due to such use.

1.d. Using software that will threaten the security of the site or mobile application and prevent the operation of the site, mobile application and the software used, performing or attempting to carry out activities and obtaining, deleting or changing information

2. Content Usage

2 a. İmran Doğal Taş, the general appearance and design of this website and mobile application, all information, images, İmran Doğal Taş brand and other brands on the website and mobile application, domain name, logo, icon, demonstrative, written, electronic is the owner or licensee of all materials ("Materials"), including technical data, computer software, applied sales system, business method and business model presented in graphics or machine-readable form, and the intellectual and industrial property rights related to them, and are under legal protection. Any Material on the website or mobile application; It cannot be changed, copied, reproduced, translated into another language, republished, uploaded to another computer, mailed, transmitted, presented or distributed, including code and software, without prior permission and citing the source. The whole or part of the website or mobile application cannot be used on another website without permission. Actions to the contrary require legal and criminal liability. All other rights of İmran Doğal Taş not expressly stated herein are reserved.

2.b. The rights of all criticisms sent to and İmran Doğal Taş's mobile application belong to İmran Doğal Taş and can be used by İmran Doğal Taş for marketing purposes if desired.

3. Responsibilities

3 a. Information (visit duration, time, pages viewed) of users who visit and the mobile application is monitored in order to serve them better. This information may be used for advertising, etc., in order to expand and improve the content, while adhering to confidentiality conditions. It is shared with the companies we cooperate with on these issues. The aim here is to improve the experience offered to the users of the site and mobile application and to improve

3.b. While the user benefits from the site and the mobile application services of İmran Doğal Taş, the Turkish Penal Code, the Turkish Commercial Code, the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, the Decree Laws and legal regulations regarding the Protection of Trademark and Patent Rights, the Code of Obligations, other

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