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MDF Wooden Laser Cut Ring Box - IMR00000443

MDF Wooden Laser Cut Ring Box - IMR00000443


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inner 40*40*30mm
outer: 50*50*35mm


  • Shipped with sponge
  • Made from high quality MDF.
  • Cut with CNC laser machine, but there may be burn marks.
  • When you first open the package, it is normal for there to be a slight burning smell that will disappear soon.
  • Long-term contact of the products with liquid causes swelling. It is recommended to wipe it with a damp cloth and dry it.
  • For purchases over 1000 pieces, please contact us for color options.
  • For purchases over 1000 pieces, your laser engraved company name can be written for an additional fee.
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Product price : 0.34 USD
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