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Natural Drop Certified Amber Baby Teeth Necklace - IMRKH00013

Natural Drop Certified Amber Baby Teeth Necklace - IMRKH00013


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Natural baltic drop amber stone with dark cherry - brown color tones. The baby teeth necklace model has a length of approximately 33-34 CM. It has a screw clip to prevent your baby from taking off his necklace. The purpose of tying them separately is; To be able to help parents find the fallen bead in case the amber bead breaks or breaks, to prevent your child from taking the amber bead into his mouth and swallowing it, and to avoid the risk of possible choking.

Since amber has a relaxing and calming effect, teething necklaces or teething necklaces can be used during teething periods for babies. bracelets are designed and they are called dental beads. When the baby wears this dental bead, the body heat releases the healing oils in the amber and these oils are absorbed and mixed into the bloodstream. With your amber necklace, you can have a painless and enjoyable teething period for your child, especially during the teething period.

Amber is the fossilized resin of Pinus succinifera trees, a pine species from the pine family. It is a translucent fossil in various colors from light yellow to red, used in making some ornaments in societies, is easily breakable and gains the ability to attract small objects when buried somewhere.

When a person wears accessories made of this stone, it eliminates bad energies and creates positive energy. gives. Necklaces made of amber stones drive away depression.

MAINTENANCE: Only CLEAR WATER should be used for cleaning. Before using amber, clean it with soil and soak it in warm water for 1-2 minutes. You can start using it after washing it and drying it with a towel. In order to increase the effectiveness of amber, this process must be repeated one (1) time in 10 (ten) days to purify and purify it from negative energy.

Cleaning with Water; After soaking your amber in a glass of water for 10-15 minutes, wash it under running tap water for 1-2 minutes. In this way, we must increase its effectiveness. Cleaning with Soil; In fact, it is the most accurate amber cleaning and grounding method. Since it neutralizes all energies, we can maximize its effectiveness by burying amber in the soil and waiting for 24 hours. We recommend that you do this procedure every 3-6 months.

WARNING: It is known to be effective when used in contact with the body and human skin. Take off the necklace while your baby is sleeping during the day or at night. Do not let the baby chew the mouth or the necklace! Take it off while bathing to avoid chemical products. It should be removed at times and environments outside of parental supervision. Do not wear a necklace at night and while sleeping, take it off. It is known that it is used on the left ankle, in a sock, in contact with the skin when removed, in order to ensure effectiveness and continuity.

Amber is used in perfume, hair spray, detergent, dishwashing liquid, cream, hand cream, nail polish remover, acetone, soap, etc. Protect it from chemical products, do not wash it with household cleaners. Otherwise, amber will lose its effectiveness.

Disclaimer: Amber necklace/bracelets and this product are not toys. It is not given to children as a toy, nor is it used for any other purpose. (It is definitely not to be taken into the mouth, not to be chewed, not to be swallowed, not to be eaten, not to be used to scratch teeth.)

IMPORTANT: In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, there are no disease names or diseases related to AMBER products. No promotion is made by stating indications. Our amber products are NOT MEDICINE. It is NOT used to prevent or treat diseases.

Product price : 10.00 USD
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