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Natural Heart Model Selenite Stone (5-7 CM) - IMRKT00156

Natural Heart Model Selenite Stone (5-7 CM) - IMRKT00156


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Natural raw white color heart model selenite stone with an average size of 7 CM. The product is not one of the pressed stones on the market, it is completely natural. The price is for 1 selenite stone.

Selenite has a color scale ranging from white to brown. The hardness level is very low. Contact with water is not recommended. It may melt or disintegrate. Selenite Crystal has a transparent structure that reflects light. Its value comes from this translucent structure.

Selenite is a transparent type of gypsum and is calcium sulfate. It contains water and is very soft. Its crystals are generally flat and rhombic in shape. It usually occurs within sedimentary rocks. Gypsum roses have a red-brown and leafy structure. It feels like soap when handled. Since it is not suitable for processing, it is generally tried to be used in its natural state. Whatever piece is found in nature, it is not subjected to any cutting or processing as much as possible. Selenite is mined in China, Central Asia, the USA, Mexico and Turkey. It is common all over the world, but quality crystals are found in Mexico and the USA. Selenite, which strengthens a person's self-confidence and belief, has a peaceful energy. It is a stone compatible with all chakras, especially the crown chakra.

Selenite (Desert Rose) Cleaning and Care < /P>

Selenite is a crystal with self-cleaning properties. You do not need to clean it separately. Due to its structure, it should not be exposed to excess water and care should be taken to keep it dry. Burying it in the ground may also cause damage due to its structure. For this reason, if you still want to clean your stone, you can clean it with incense or candlelight. It has a delicate structure and can break easily.

Product price : 5.00 USD
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