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Natural Pearl Bronze Ring - IMRYZ00017

Natural Pearl Bronze Ring - IMRYZ00017


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Natural stone bronze ring designed using natural cultured pearls can be adjusted according to the finger. The approximate size of the ring is 3X2 CM. We recommend keeping it away from water and chemicals for tarnishing and long-lasting use. Since the product is a natural stone, there may be small differences in tone and shape between the product you receive and the image.

Pearl stone occurs in oysters and mussels living in the seas of warm and temperate regions. The formation period is on average 10 years. However, cultured pearls have been grown for a long time. It takes between 3 and 7 years for cultured pearls to form. Pearl formation begins when sand or another foreign substance enters the oyster shell. Oysters cover this substance with a substance called mother-of-pearl. This substance contains 92% calcium carbonate. If the foreign substance settles completely into the flesh and cannot settle in a spherical shape, a hemispherical pearl forms.

Cultured pearls are made from live oysters (Akoya or south sea pearls) or mussels ( freshwater pearls) are obtained. Nowadays, cultured pearl cultivation is quite common. Cultured pearl does not mean fake or imitation pearl. Cultured pearls are pearls that have been artificially stimulated but developed in their natural environment. 7  Only 10% of the pearls grown annually are of high quality and can be used in jewelry. Luster, size, as well as the lack of blemishes and symmetry play a very important role in determining the quality of the pearl. The clearer the shine of the pearl, the more its value increases.

In the cleaning of İnci  Using warm water and a damp cloth is sufficient. Also perfume etc. It should definitely be kept away from substances containing alcohol and should not be left in closed environments for too long. Pearls need to renew themselves by breathing air.

Product price : 2.00 USD
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