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Obsidian Stone Natural Stone Macrame Bracelet - IMRBL00053

Obsidian Stone Natural Stone Macrame Bracelet - IMRBL00053


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Designed from natural black broken obsidian stone with macrame braid, the obsidian bracelet can be adjusted in size according to the wrist. Since the product is a natural stone, both men and women can choose it. It is a nice accessory to give to your loved ones on special occasions such as birthdays, Valentine's Day, Father's Day.


Obsidian, also known as “obsidian” or “volcano glass” It is a natural stone formed naturally in places of volcanic origin. It is extracted from Yanar Dağı and similar volcanic areas. It occurs when the lava in Yanar Dağı cools rapidly and freezes before it has enough time to crystallize.

Large proportion of obsidian stone  It is located in our country. The region where it is most mined and found is the Hasan Mountain region. Also Mount Nemrut, Rize – Obsidian is also mined in İkizdere, Sarıkamış, Kars, Iğdır, Mount Ararat, Pasinler and its surroundings. The countries where it is produced around the world are Mexico, Scotland, America, Italy, Greece, Armenia.

Obsidians are especially black, but they have different colors such as green ones (Nemrut Mountain-Tatvan) and red ones (Ikizdere-Rize). Gold pieces were found in the obsidians unearthed in İkizdere, and iron minerals were found in those unearthed from Hasan Mountain. Black & The types that look like they have snowflakes on dark green are called Snowflake.

 Hardness: 5.0 – 5.5

Specific Gravity: 2.6

Chemical Formula and Group: SO2+H2O+Fe2O3 and Mineral

Color: Black glassy, translucent, transparent

Places of Origin: Mexico, Scotland, America, Italy, Greece, Armenia, Turkey

Chakras: Root, Solar plexus, Heart


Product price : 2.00 USD
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