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Pyramid Pendulum Model Lapis Stone Natural Stone Necklace - IMRKL00300

Pyramid Pendulum Model Lapis Stone Natural Stone Necklace - IMRKL00300


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The necklace with lapis stone pendant, with an average size of 2 CM in dark blue tones, will be sent as a lapis necklace with a chain attached for retail purchases. It is a nice accessory option that you can give to your loved ones on special occasions. The product can be preferred by both men and women due to its color and structure.

Lapis Lazuli, which was used in Ancient Egypt and the Pharaohs, is generally dark blue - dark blue in color. For this reason, it is also called lapis lazuli. It takes on shades of blue from light to dark, but is only found in blue. It contains yellow metallic colored pyrites. These pyrites are just another stone or mineral. They are not gold particles. In nature  Although it is a stone that cannot be found in pure form, Lapis Lazuli is very valuable. It is formed by the combination of several minerals and gets its blue color from these minerals. However, it is a rock, not a mineral.

The most valuable Lapis Stone is mined in Afghanistan. It is also mined in America, Pakistan, Italy, Canada, Siberia, Angola, Chile and Switzerland.

Chakra: Forehead

Lapis Lazuli Cleaning and Care

No matter what purpose you use your stone for, do not carry it on you all the time. When you carry it constantly, its effect decreases as your body gets used to the effect of the stone. Since the hardness level is below 7, cleaning methods with water and soil are not recommended. Avoid using soap and water to clean your stone. Because water will cause your lapis stone to become dull. To clean your stone, it will be enough to leave it in the sunlight.

Product price : 2.00 USD
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