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Turquoise Natural Stone Women's Necklace - Birthstone - IMRKOL00020

Turquoise Natural Stone Women's Necklace - Birthstone - IMRKOL00020


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Turquoise women's necklace extension designed from natural shapeless turquoise (turquoise) stones It is 46-48 CM long including the apparatus. Since the product is a natural stone, each pendant may have slight differences in tone and shape. This stone necklace can be used on birthdays, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day etc.  It is a nice accessory option that you can give to your loved ones on special occasions.

Turquoise, which has a hardness of 5-6, belongs to the Phosphate Minerals group. It contains Phosphate, Copper and Aluminum. Turquoise stone (Firuze) has a non-transparent, opaque and waxy structure. It can be found in the most beautiful colors of blue, from sky blue to turquoise blue, green blue and blue gray. The highest quality turquoise stones are sky blue in color with no veins or lines, but turquoises with a few golden dots or veins are also very beautiful and are highly preferred. Since its hardness level is between 5-6, it is a stone that can be easily used in jewelry making. The main places where turquoise stone is mined are America, Israel, Mexico, Tibet, Chile, Australia, Iran, Afghanistan.

It has always been a stone believed to bring luck and luck and protect from the evil eye. Turquoise can be in all color tones between sky blue and green. While it is the iron or chromium in the turquoise stone that gives its green color.  It is the copper in its structure that gives it its blue color. When both are combined, it has a wonderful turquoise color.

Chakras: Throat, digestion

Since turquoise is also a stone that contains water, it should be protected from sunlight or extreme heat. Otherwise, there will be deterioration in the structure of the stone. When there is deterioration in the structure of the stone, its color changes and becomes more greenish. On the contrary, since Turquoise has a porous structure, it also has the feature of absorbing water. To benefit from the benefits of turquoise stone in the best way, it must touch the skin. Chemicals should never be used in cleaning Turquoise Stone.

Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, It represents the zodiac signs.

Product price : 2.00 USD
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