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Unprocessed Natural Raw Celestite Stone Mineral - IMRKT00051

Unprocessed Natural Raw Celestite Stone Mineral - IMRKT00051


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The unprocessed raw celestite stone mineral, with an average size of 6 CM, weighs approximately 150 Grams.

Celestite stone consists of strontium, sulfur and oxygen. Celestite stone, which has a hardness of 3-3.5 according to the Mohs hardness scale, should not be exposed directly to the sun.

Celestite stone is derived from a Latin word meaning "heaven". For this reason, it is also called Cannet stone or divine stone. Celestite is a crystalline stone consisting of light blue and white colors. It is usually mined in America. It is also mined in Turkey (Sivas), Angola, Austria, Angola, Argentina, Belgium, Canada, Egypt, Italy, Libya, Madagascar and Mexico. It is generally found precipitated in sedimentary rock beds and sea water.

Celestite stone, with throat, forehead, crown chakras It is compatible. However, it is a stone compatible with all zodiac signs.

Celestite Stone Maintenance and Cleaning < /P>

We mentioned that the hardness level of this natural stone is not high. It has a very brittle, crumbly and not hard structure. For this reason, you cannot clean this stone by soaking it in water. There is a risk of dissolution in water. The cleaning method by burying it in the ground also has the same risks. For this reason, you can cleanse its energy with incense, candle light or by placing it next to a salt lamp. For physical cleaning, you can clean it by gently wiping it with a damp cloth.

Product price : 7.00 USD
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