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Unprocessed Natural Raw Heart Cut Pyrite Stone - IMRKT00113

Unprocessed Natural Raw Heart Cut Pyrite Stone - IMRKT00113


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Natural raw heart cut pyrite stone with average dimensions of 6X5X3 CM. The weight of the stone is 400-500 grams.

Pyrite is also known as Liar's Gold, Fool's Gold or Fool's Gold (referred to as Fool's Gold in foreign sources).

Pyrite may contain iron and sulfur as the main minerals, as well as cobalt, nickel and small amounts of silver, gold, carbon or selenium. It is a common sulfide mineral. It can be found together with other rocks such as Lapis Lazuli. Pyrite is found as sedimentary, igneous, in the spaces between metamorphic rocks, or as hot water, that is, hydrothermal precipitate, by precipitation and sedimentation. It has a fragile structure, its color resembles gold, but it has stripes. It is harder than gold and is not as easily processed as gold. It has the property of conducting electricity and produces a weak electric current when slightly heated. Pyrite, whose use dates back to the Aztecs, symbolizes love, compassion and hope, and instills these feelings in those who use this stone. In addition to being used as jewelry and ornaments since ancient times, it can also be used as piece crystal.

Pyrite Stone Maintenance and Cleaning

Since pyrite has a brittle structure, care must be taken in its cleaning and maintenance. Cleaning methods with water and soil are not recommended. You can clean it by leaving it in sunlight, candle light, selenite or salt lamp.

< FONT face=Calibri>Chakra: Root Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra, Solar Nerve Chakra

Product price : 124.00 USD
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