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Unprocessed Natural Raw Jade Stone - IMRKT00118

Unprocessed Natural Raw Jade Stone - IMRKT00118


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Natural raw, unprocessed jade stone with an average size of 3-4 CM. The weight of the stone is 15-20 grams. The price is for 1 stone.

Jade, which takes its name from its green color, is the same It can also be found in yellow, white, brown, black and red spotted colors. Jade is translucent or opaque.< /FONT>

Jade hardness levels and colors It is divided into two as Jade and Nephrite according to its differences.

Nephrite is more common in nature than jade. For this reason, it is slightly less valuable than the Jade stone. It may be dark green, gray or light in color close to cream. According to the Mohs scale, its hardness is between 6-6.5. It has a matte and dull shine. It is found in nature in large pieces.

Jade (also known as Jadeite) is harder than Nephrite. In addition to green, jade can also be found in colors such as red, lilac, black, purple and blue. The most famous among these is the Purple Jade stone, which is mined only in our country. This stone is entitled to receive a geographical indication. Jade is more valuable than nephrite. Jade is also known to balance and alleviate excessive emotions. Jade, especially jade, gives a feeling of relaxation when held in the hand, and at the same time, the person carrying it  strengthens the sense of courage and justice. It is a balancing and healing stone that you can use daily.

Chakras: Heart, solar plexus

Represents Virgo, Libra and Aquarius.

Product price : 2.00 USD
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