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Unprocessed Natural Raw Kyanite Stone Mineral - IMRKT00069

Unprocessed Natural Raw Kyanite Stone Mineral - IMRKT00069


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The unprocessed raw kyanite stone mineral, with an average size of 6X2 CM, weighs approximately 16 Grams.

Kyanite is a natural stone that can be found in many colors in nature, but usually has a translucent blue-white color scale. Kyanite stone can sometimes be blue with black or brown veins. This stone, which is believed to give peace, is also used for protective purposes.

Kyanite stone is compatible with zodiac signs other than Taurus and Aries.

Kyanite is an interesting ore discovered in the nineteenth century. Mostly blue or bluish green colored ones are considered valuable. However, there are also small amounts of gray, yellow, white and colorless types in the color spectrum.

Kyanite The samples have a variable hardness. While the longitudinal hardness of the crystals is between 4.5 - 5, it is around 6.5 - 7 according to crosswise or transverse measurements.

It is a symbol of Power, Leadership, Ability, healing, Tranquility, Joy and helps the user to gain these features.

Places of Extraction: Brazil, Switzerland, Burma, Australia, America

Chakras: Throat, Crown

Product price : 4.00 USD
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