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Unprocessed Raw Natural Chalcedony Stone (6 CM) - IMRKT00059

Unprocessed Raw Natural Chalcedony Stone (6 CM) - IMRKT00059


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The unprocessed blue chalcedony stone mineral, with an average size of 6 CM, weighs approximately 106 grams. Light-induced reflections occurred during photography. There are no marks or stains on the product.

Chalcedony stone, which belongs to the quartz group, has a waxy shine, is semi-opaque and is mostly found in blue-white colors, can also be found in yellow, brown, grey, yellow-green colors. Chalcedony, which dates back to before the Hittites, is mostly mined in Anatolia. Agate stones belong to both the quartz and chalcedony families.

This precious stone, which was shipped from Istanbul's Kadıköy port during the Roman period, takes its name from the name of the port at that time (Chalcedon). This is why Chalcedony is also known as the Chalcedony stone. Although it lost its importance for a long time after the Roman period ended, its star shined again in the 1970s.

This natural stone is used for the Throat, solar plexus and root chakras. All zodiac signs can use chalcedony stone.

  • Symbolizes optimism and good wishes.
  • Increases generosity, sensitivity and understanding.
  • Increases the power of oratory.
  • It is a stone that can be used against the evil eye due to its protective properties.
  • It prevents negative energy.
  • Makes it easier to adapt to changes.
  • It is a mental, emotional and spiritual balancer.

Chalcedony Stone Cleaning and Maintenance Since its hardness level is around 7, you can clean your stone with any method you wish. You can soak it in water for 1 night, bury it in the ground, or keep it in a stream (river, stream) so that its energy flows and is cleaned. You can also smoke it, You can cleanse the energy of your stone by keeping it next to a salt lamp or placing it next to a selenite…

Product price : 7.00 USD
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